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Date : Nov 4, 2013 Name : IUTC
Taebaek Builds a Solar Heat and Sunglight-Powered Village
Taebaek City announced yesterday that it will hold a project to support low carbon village for the first time as a city in Gangwon Province.

The convergence support project will be supervised by the Mine Reclamation Corp. Taebaek City will in charge of identifying sites and providing administrative supports. The Mine Reclamation Corp. and the Korea Energy Management Corporation will invest KRW 550 million by April of 2014.

The project, which targets 45 households in the province, will apply two new and renewable energy sources of solar hear and sunlight.

Sites have already been identified and opinions from the villages were gathered last June. The project plan also has been evaluated. The installation of the facilities is significant to the city which plans to become a hub of new energy.

Out of 45 households, 43 are families with beneficiaries of basic living securities and handicapped, and two others are centers for senior citizens. The Mine Reclamation Corp. will support solar heat and sunlight appropriate to use electricity and hot water by surveying each household.

A Taebaek official noted that the project will help to conserve electricity by providing hot water to residents during winter with solar power, adding that the city expects to see contribution to the Korean governments energy policy by facilitating new and renewable energy.

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Source: Newsis (Sep. 11, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.