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Date : Nov 4, 2013 Name : IUTC
Gangwon Province Promotes 112 Green Growth Projects
Gangwon Province held a meeting last Wednesday on progress of its green growth strategies with members of its green growth committee which consists of 44 scholars, officials and companies.

In 2008, the province established a five-year plan of three strategies and nine agenda items which include reinforcing response to climate change. Based on the five-year plan, Gangwon has formulated its annual action plans.

Gangwon made a total investment of KRW 1.7 trillion to work on 112 green growth projects.

At last weeks meeting, progress of the green growth projects this year was presented and future development measures were discussed in depth.

The province plans to identify and nurture new sustainable projects to respond to climate change, build a new growth engine and enhance the quality of life in the province, establishing a new paradigm of green growth.

A Gangwon official noted that the province aims to lead the creative economy and low carbon green growth with systematic and comprehensive management from the beginning and end of a project, including consultation with advisors and a database of project progress.

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Source: Newsis (June 27, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.