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Date : Feb 27, 2020 Name : IUTC
[IMPORTANT] Notice on Delay of Training Program

This is to notify you of our final decision in regard of Local Economic Revitalization Training Program which was planned to be held from March 30 to April 8 at the International Urban Training Center(IUTC) of South Korea.

The IUTC decided to postpone this training program to prevent the spread of new Coronavirus infection, and for the safety of our participants from Asia-Pacific countries.

The IUTC will make an announcement again about the program reopening date and an application period next month, March of 2020.

The reopening date of this program will be probably at the end of April or later.

The IUTC will select finalists for both those who have submitted applications by February 29 and those who will be newly recruited. If you are preparing the application, please send it to us by February 29.

Thanks for your keen interest in the IUTC training program, despite of the new Coronavirus outbreak situation.

Currently, most patients infected with the virus usually occur in the southern part of South Korea.

The IUTC and Gangwon province area are relatively safe, however, we are monitoring the situation very carefully across the whole extent of Korea. Please understand that we postpone the training program until all parts of Korea are considered safe and pleasant as usual.

Thank you so much again for your concern and understanding!

Please wait for our next announcement about the program entitled Local Economic Revitalization.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us!

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