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Date : Nov 25, 2019 Name : IUTC
IUTC Seed Money Project 2019
IUTC Seed Money Project 2019

This is an information about "IUTC Seed Money Project" organized by Gangwon province and its local companies.

If you are selected to these projects you will be provided a demonstration session and a related training program for government officers and local residents in your country.

The proposal format is quite simple.
Please don't miss the chance and take advantage of this opportunity.

Open call for proposal by Gangwon province and its local companies

* Deadline : 28 November 2019
* Target area : Public organization or NGO or Central Gov. or Local
Gov. of Developing Countries of Asia-Pacific region
* Organizer : IUTC of Gangwon Province, Rep. of Korea
* How to apply :
1) Select projects which you are interested in and fill in the application
form after reading the details
2) Send me a simple concept note (refer to attachments)

- Project A : Vehicle Route Monitoring System
- Project B : The Application System of Effective Micro-organism for Sustainable Eco-friendly Organic Agriculture, Livestock, and aquaculture
- Project C : A Mask for Preventing Find Dust Using Wet Filter
- Project D : WITHSIGN(Tempered glass hand jamming safety device including advertisement)

Applicants are invited to submit a simple concept paper(refer to attachment) by email by the deadline.

Even just opinions and questions about this project are most welcome.

If you have any question or a suggestion, feel free to contact me before the deadline.

Banghee Wee (Ms.)
Program Officer, International Urban Training Center (IUTC)
Tel. +82-33-248-6585