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Date : Mar 11, 2019 Name : IUTC
[Customized Course] Local Economic Activation for Langson, Vietnam
2019 Joint Training Course on Vitalization of Local Economy for Langson of Vietnam organized by IUTC of Gangwon province and Langson province

This customized training course is jointly organized by IUTC of Gangwon province of Korea and Langson province of Vietnam by mutual agreement with the aim of increasing capacity building in the field of regional development and agriculture industry for Langson province.

Overview of Training Program

* Date : 25~31 March 2019

* Venue : International Urban Training Center(IUTC)
Add.: 341-6 Saengtaegongwon-gil, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, 25113, Republic of Korea

* Participants : 15 persons
- High level government officials in the field of local development and rural agriculture industry (16 or 17 persons)
- Recommended Vietnamese company which is interested in being a distributor or wholesaler for Doosan Ecobiznet Ltd. (1 or 2 persons)
A company which is interested in organic fertilizers and microorganisms)
- Vietnamese media person ( 1 or 2 persons)

* Main Contents
- 1st day Arrival in Gangwon province
- 2nd day Opening ceremony and Lecture
- 3rd day Field visit (Hongcheon county, Inje county)
- 4th day Field visit (Chuncheon city)
- 5th day Lecture and closing ceremony
- 6th day Field visit (Seoul city)
- 7th day Back to Vietnam

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