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Date : Oct 4, 2018 Name : IUTC
[New Course] Application form and personal Information
[New Course] Innovative approaches to deliver affordable housing options for Asia

How to apply and Submit documents

Applicants must fill out the application form and submit by 20 October 2018 to all email addresses below:
* Mr. Yeonghoon Kim and
* Ms. Trang Nguyen
* Ms. Anamika Madhuraj

Please send your application documents to ALL email accounts mentioned above. Do not send them by fax or any other means. In order to apply for the course, each applicant is requested to submit:

1. An application form (typed, not handwritten): This form should be submitted in MS Word format (NOT in PDF, JPEG, nor by Fax), except a scan file of page-4 with official signature as an approval sign of your training participation.
2. An Excel sheet of personal information: Refer to the attached file.
3. A scanned passport copy (passport needs to be valid for more than 6 months from the departure date from Republic of Korea).
4. Outline (2 pages) focusing on the housing challenge in his/her city, explaining what it is, how it manifests itself, the root
causes of it and what is being done to address the challenge if any actions/policies/projects are being implemented.
5. At least one letter of recommendation from your employer/head.

The application form and excel sheet for a personal information are attached.

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