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Date : Feb 17, 2016 Name : IUTC
Application open for three Int'l courses

First Three Training Courses ​

1. Solid Waste Management Course : 14-23 March (Application Deadline : 23 February 2016)
​2. Local Economic Activation : 4-14 April (Application Deadline : 10 March 2016)
​3. Urban Development - Smart Green City : 25 April - 3 May (Application Deadline : 10 March 2016)

* Venue : International Urban Training Center(IUTC), Gangwon province, Republic of Korea
* Organizer : ​International Urban Training Center(IUTC) and UN-HABITAT
* Training Fee : Full Scholarship by IUTC and UN-HABITAT
* Number of Participants : 25 ~30 persons from Asia-Pacific regions per each course

The International Urban Training Center(IUTC) and UN-HABITAT are pleased to announce three training courses will be held in upcoming March, April, and May.

Participation is open to applicants from developing countries in the Asia Pacific Region that are eligible ro receive ODA(official development assistance).

Please send your application documents by email only to :
​IUTC : Ms. Banghee Wee

​Submission Documents for Application
A. Application Form (Enclosed)
B. Recommendation Letter from your organization head
C. Case Study : Please refer to a course brochure attaced here

Please refer to the course brochure for each course's details and share this information with your colleagues and friends and ask them to send the application form but do not positively guarantee them for the course participation as all nominees should go through screening processes before selection result is announced.

Please come early and get the best chance especially for the first course entiled solid waste management which the deadline is drawing near. If you have any question or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your interest and cooperation in the course and we will look forward to your successful application or excellent recommendation!

International Urban Training Center (IUTC)
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