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+ Course : Solid Waste Management
+ Cost : Full Scholarship
+ Length : Mar 14, 2016 ~ Mar 23, 2016
+ Target group : Decision ma􀁎er level
+ Sponsored by
International Urban raining Center (IUTC) and UN-HABITAT
+ Note
his Training Course is organized to provide principles of solid waste management, basic mechanisms of the Campaign, and to share successful case studies of solid waste management through the promotion of Community Based Campaign in Korea, as well as from other cities throughout the world, in order to raise capacity of each participant to strategically plan and implement such Campaign for solid waste management in each city. Community Based Campaign movement could be very effective tool for such cooperation, which also brings required policy change, development of technology, education and awareness raise. Throughout many successful cases in the world, especially from Korea (Republic of), such Community Based Campaign on Solid Waste Management is not only effective to a community but also suitable for replication to regional or national
+ What to learn?
• Lecture
- Waste management in therms of smart green city
- Identify routes of entry of different solid waste sources
- Suggest suitable actions and plans to handle different situations
- Understand modern treatment technologies and regulations as well
as sustainability of the chosen technology
- Evaluate different case studies and apply the learnt material

• Field trip
- Site visit to integrated waste treatment facilities in Korea
(Seoul metropolitan city and Chuncheon city)

• Group work
- Cast study presentation
- Group activities
- Action plan presentation

• Korean culture experiences
+ Who should apply?
• Decision maker level public officials in a related field from central and local
• Community leaders or representatives from NGOs who are engaged or
interested in solid waste management and strong will to develop
demonstration projects as follow-up activity in collaboration
• Civil Engineer Officers and Managers of municipal solid waste departments
• Operators and designers of solid waste facilities
• Environmental Engineers and urban planners
+ Where?
IUTC Eco-complex (International Urban Training Center)
341-6 Saengtaegongwon-gil, Bukbang-myeon, Hongcheon-gun,
Gangwon Province 250-884, Republic of Korea
Tel. +82-33-248 6584~5 Website :
+ How to apply?
• Applicants must fill out the application form and submit all
requirement documents by 22 February 2016 to :
Ms. Banghee Wee (IUTC)

• ​Submission Documents for Application  
A. Application Form  (Enclosed)
This form should be submitted in MS Word format, typed not handwritten, never in JPEG, nor by FAX, with official signature as an approval sign of
your training participation on page 4.
B. Recommendation Letter from your organization head
At least one letter of recommendation from your employer or head
C. Case Study (power point format less than 15 slides)
Submission of case study focusing on describing both an on-going waste management project (including policy, planning, strategy, and solution) being formulated and implemented in your city or community now and a proposed project by yourself to solve current problems in the area of waste management. Both projects should provide descriptions of concrete project areas with maps.
+ Cost?
Full Scholarship by IUTC and UN-HABITAT
+ Is there Financial Aid?
+ Application state (real time 27 person)
Name E-mail Nationality Application Date State Process
apritasari yaseri ******** Indonesia Feb 3, 2017 (11:53 pm) in progress
Bibon Arsenio ******** Filipino Feb 3, 2017 (09:56 am) in progress
Shah Ali ******** Pakistani Feb 1, 2017 (03:41 pm) in progress
Batjargal Shijirtuya ******** Mongolian Jan 23, 2017 (12:40 pm) in progress
Wijekoon Janaka ******** sri lankan Jan 20, 2017 (01:19 am) in progress
Urdolotova Elnura ******** Kyrgyz Jan 17, 2017 (06:17 pm) in progress
Raksanau Chusak ******** thai Jan 10, 2017 (11:04 pm) in progress
Batjargal Shijirtuya ******** Mongolian Dec 26, 2016 (03:39 pm) in progress
Jakaria Kurniawan ******** Indonesian Dec 21, 2016 (09:27 pm) in progress
khan naeem ******** pakistani Nov 7, 2016 (11:33 pm) in progress
 1 [2][3]
In Progress : Participant selection is yet to be finished, or required application documents have not been fully submitted.
Accepted : The applicant has been selected as a successful candidate.
Unaccepted : The applicant has not selected as a successful candidate.
Completed : The person participated in and completed the training course.
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