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The world is making great economic progress With this progress comes rapid urban groth Economic benefits generally improve people's lives but rapid growth can also result in environmental degradation. This phenomenon threathens the sustainability and balanced development of the whole world Less developed countries typically bear the highest burden. Poorly planned urban development threatens the environment and the health and well-being of humanity in the 21st century, urbanization issues are a common concern around the globe.

IUTC's mission is to address this problem through education and training. Giving policy makers the tools to meet these challenges is the key to securing the sustainability of our cities. IUTC provides this training. The Center was opened in 2007 under the auspices of Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea and UN-HABITAT. The IUTC model for eco-restoration and strategic planning for urban areas in the Asia-Pacific region can help your community make important decisions for a sustainable future. IUTC's trainings bridge the gap between environmental research and governments. Training programs thoroughly cover topics including field work, strategic planning, case studies, and professional networking. Participants learn vital communication skills for transforming communities at the local, national and international levels.